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Traversing Virtual Offices – Using Cyberspace Locations to Reach New Markets

For small and medium businesses, the upscale end of a business district can be daunting and impressive, and a nice address in the middle of the city can be desirable from a business standpoint. When a potential customer sees a letter with an address based in the middle of a city, it reassures them that the company is a reliable one, and when they ring the number on a business card and a receptionist answers, it’s a further sign of a successful business.


This is the world of virtual offices,and it looks and sounds exactly like a real office would, complete with phone answering and available physical locations for meetings and other business practices. These places allow the small or medium business owner to set up a place where their business is handled by actual office staff that know the ins and outs of the corporate world. Many people have reported that seeing a home address or a mobile phone number on a business card or in the general information of a website can make a business seem less legitimate, and therefore they are less likely to trust the business itself.


Virtual offices take away that unnecessary worry for the client and the ridiculous price point of hiring out a full office building for the small business owner, allowing them to put their funds where they’re needed most – to help the customer. This all culminates in helping smaller or medium sized business to break into new markets, and reach customer bases otherwise inaccessible without a corporate location. For instance, a small bakery looking to break into supplying large chain restaurants or supermarkets with baked goods might not be able to even get an interview if they turn up with a residential address listed as the business address, and a personal mobile phone number listed as the contact point, however with a corporate address in a big city street implies a larger bakery network is involved, and therefore that the bakery looking for a business meeting may very well be capable of handling the demand needed to supply larger chain stores. It’s opportunities like these that make the virtual office so appealing, and the receptionists on hand know how to answer the phones and redirect calls to personal numbers and mobile numbers for the actual business owner to answer, without needing to give out their mobile number as a contact point.

With the price of premium office space rental skyrocketing, a small or medium sized business owner likely can’t afford to pay for office space that may go unused, but might not get the potential clients needed to further their business if they don’t have the exclusive address or the landline phone number with receptionist. These problems were less prevalent in years gone by, as rental prices were lower and corporate businesses were few, however in the modern era the only sensible way to navigate the corporate world is from behind the helm of a respectable office building, and the best way to do that without breaking the bank is to go to inspect the many offices and locations that can be afforded to the business owner in need of premium offices but not premium office prices.

In summation, the rigours of the corporate business world can be at the beck and call of the small business owner without the need for the supreme capital investment of the large or global business empire, but only when virtual office space is used instead of a physical, rented office space. All the luxuries of the modern business mogul afforded to the ambitious business owner, with none of the hassle of hiring, training, managing, firing, and replacing office staff.

Why Do We Need To Choose A Logistic Service?

Many small scale and large scale businesses are happening worldwide. Everyday there are tonnes of goods exported and imported from place to place. Goods are passed through different hands in different countries till they reach the final destination. The goods need to be in perfect condition when they reach the final destination. Some are lifted through air cargo or through ships. the smooth handling of these goods is done by these logistic services.

Problems of warehousing by the companies

When a company decides to do the shipment on its own the company has to remember the following problems it will come across, Large storage space to keep the goods, Maintenance of the warehouse, Enough efficient staff to handle the goods, Training of the staffs, Transport of the goods, Bar-coding of the goods.

The process of searching a warehouse which will be accessible to the port for the easy transport of the goods is a big task. The size of the warehouse should suit the size of the business. The maintenance of the warehouse temperature is a must for example some goods might expire soon. The safety and security of the warehouse is a crucial point to be noted. Then the staffs should be well trained to load the goods to a particular destination. Some goods need to reach 2 or more ports before its final destination. This is known as cross docking. This has to be handled smoothly to ensure the goods reach the correct destination. Bar-coding of the goods will enable easy picking of the goods. When we look at the cost of handling all these jobs we feel engaging a logistic service will be cheaper. That is why toronto logistics companies have their warehouses in different parts of the world and transport the goods smoothly. The logistic companies have a spacious warehouse where the goods are maintained in a well equipped environment.

Advantages of logistic services

The warehouses are spacious and well maintained. Goods are maintained according to their specifications. Some goods like medicines need to be kept in a cool condition which is stored in coolers. The goods are bar-coded so it is easy to retrieve the good anytime as well as easy to track the position of the good anytime. Bar-coding adds to the safety of the goods. In chances of misplacing the good it is easy to retrieve. They also maintain the inventory of the goods which means less work for the company. Reports can be got on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This enables smooth functioning of the business. The safety of the goods is first priority so there is no loss to the company. Timely delivery to the customer ensures good understanding with the customer and helps for future transactions. Other than the maintenance of goods the employees are also taken care of in case of any injury or any other technical emergencies. This results in less tension of the company and they can concentrate only in the business and work for the growth of the business.

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